Christmas Morning 2008

When Connor got up this morning we were expecting him to shout with glee at the sight of presents under the tree. Instead he tentatively tiptoed out of his room with a shy smile on his face and looked around the living room, for what? For Santa of course! Come to find out he thought Santa would be waiting for him in the morning and kept on expecting him to show up. He finally accepted that Santa and his reindeer were back at the North Pole sleeping after a long night of delivering presents to children everywhere. I don't think it had occurred to Connor that ALL children received presents on Christmas, what a concept. :) He was pretty excited about presents though once that was all figured out.

Connor at all the candy he found in his stocking by 4 pm. Now THAT'S a great Christmas Day.

Santa brought Connor two Transformers: Byron's been transforming them back and forth all day. Santa must not have read that the age recommendation on the box is for ages 5 and up. Geez Santa, get it together.

Nana and Grandpa gave Connor a Construction Truck set with all the works. Talk about a THRILL for Connor. (Byron's also been helping Connor with that all day. What a good Dad.)

Connor looked great in his Lightning McQueen helmet that matches his Lightning McQueen bike, that matches his Lightning McQueen knee pads, which match his red bell. He had a ball riding around outside in the 60 degree sunny weather. Gotta love the south.

Merry Christmas Connor!

(P.S. Kylene was sleeping during all of this and received some new outfits, hat, shoes, and some toys. She was also thrilled with Christmas.):)


Jules said...

I think Easton expected Santa to be at our house too, waiting to play with him!

Ash & Jon said...

Connor looks so much older! I can hardly believe it!