We were really lucky that the whole Kubik family (minus our missionary Logan of course) could come up to spend the day with us on Friday. Since we decided not to travel anywhere for the holidays this year, this really gave us something fun to look forward to. Little did we know they'd be bringing armfuls of gifts along with them! Connor was thrilled to see everyone and even more thrilled to see they came bearing gifts. :) Thanks for everything, it was a real treat for us. Byron's sister, Staci, was a key in helping finish this Peanuts puzzle Byron got from Ashley and Jon for Christmas--it looks pretty darn awesome. Byron burned the midnight oil a few nights he got so involved in it.
Having so much fun can be exhausting.

I think this is the best family picture we've taken since the wedding. :) We'll have to photo shop Logan in.

Thanks to Bev, Theresa, Jarom, Staci and Codi for giving up a day and making the trip up to see us. We had a really great time.


Ash & Jon said...

I'm so glad the puzzle turned out so cool looking and that Byron liked it! We thought it looked like it would be hard, so I hope it was! :)

Tiff said...

That puzzle is amazing! Can I just say that, knowing your prior travel stories, I am glad that you had a chance to stay at home this time.

Jami & Boys said...

love all the pictures. kylene's pictures are especiallly cute!

Codi Kubik said...

wow love that picture of me and jarom passed out..had no clue you even took that haha