Connor and Kylene got to meet their first cousin, Zach, this past weekend when we drove up to Buena Vista, VA to celebrate our brother-in-law, Jon's, graduation and Zach's baby blessing. My parents drove over from Indiana and we all laughed a lot and ate a lot. Ahhh, I love both of those activities.
Connor was beside himself with excitement. This was our first time staying in a hotel as a family and Connor was THRILLED. Byron and I didn't know how things would go, but both our kids did great. Now, if only Byron and I could have slept well, then we would have been in business. :)
Connor particularly enjoyed his Uncle Jon and Grandpa. Our first morning I woke up to Connor next to our bed saying, "Mommy! I really like Uncle Jon!" and when my Dad entered the room, Connor enthusiastically clapped. :)
I was so thrilled to meet my nephew Zach. He just seems so sweet and we're so thrilled to have another little guy (or off-the-charts big guy in Zach's case) in our family.
Below, Zach is pictured with my Mom and Dad (Connor and Kylene couldn't be coaxed into another picture). Has anyone noticed the kids' matching outfits? Darling, darling, darling. Thanks Nana and Grandpa.

We all missed Ben and noticed him missing the whole weekend, but I guess we'll let him kick butt at BYU. Don't worry Unc Ben, we'll catch you at the beach. :)


Ash & Jon said...

I didn't know Zach said that about Jon. How sweet!

Tiff said...

How fun! Such a wonderful family!

Tiff said...

P.S., we are going to VA next week for Sean's graduation. Did you do any sightseeing?

Dad said...

Thanks for posting the photos. That was a great weekend for Dad and I. Life just doesnt' get much better. Mom