6 mths

Our little darling is 6 months old today. She and her brother our the joy of our lives.
At 6 months Kylene is can roll both ways easily and is spending more and more time on her tummy. She rotates herself around to get to things she wants. She's starting to pull her knees up under her and rock back and forth a little in an effort to move. She's very curious and has become bored with once fascinating toys and finds her brother, Connor's room, the most interesting.
She blew through her 3-6 month clothes and is now filling out 6-9 month clothes very comfortably.
Her favorite songs right now seem to be "Miss Mary Mac" and "Jingle Bells" all sung by Connor.
She loves to sleep with her soft blankie from our good friends, the Dietrich's, and seems to like the blanket up and over her face (at least that's the way I find her sound asleep most of the time).
She's got a mighty squeal to let us know she NEEDS or WANTS something.
She's discovered her toes.
She's ticklish on her ribs, feet, underarms, and chin. All three of us love getting those places.
She loves, loves, being pushed in the umbrella stroller.
She has dimples on her cheeks (both sets), knees, and elbows.
She's generous with her smiles and brightens peoples' days wherever we go.
We're lucky to call her ours.


GrandPa and GrandMa McKen said...

We loved the pictures of Conner and Kylene talking together when they were in their own bathtubs having a bath. These pics are so precious.

Ash & Jon said...

She's a beauty! That was a great update. Mom

Geoff and Janene said...

So cute. I can't believe it's already been 6 months! Wow.