Kristi's Favorite Cheeseball

Tonight is my first night to participate in a new "foody" group I was invited to be a part of. We'll meet one night out of the month and each bring a dish (tonight is appetizers) to share and the recipe as well. I thought I would post the recipes of the things I make since they will be some of my very favorites.
This cheeseball was introduced to me by my co-worker, Linda, at the Honor Code Office at BYU in 2004. She is about 30 years my senior and a kindred spirit. We were like two peas in a pod and everything she made was delicious. She brought the cheeseball into the office after Thanksgiving one year and it was devoured before lunch.
This has become a requested item at various my various church activities. I love it because it is so simple to assemble and can be done ahead of time. It is my all time favorite cheeseball. :)

2 packages cream cheese
2 oz package of corned beef, chopped
4 green onions, thinly sliced
3.8 oz can (a heaping 1/2 cup) of black olives, chopped
2 tsp seasoned salt

Mix together all ingredients, varying amounts according to taste. Form into a ball using saran wrap and chill until ready to eat. Serve with crackers. (Side note: This cheeseball would also be very nice with toasted walnuts or almond slivers all around. I just never add nuts to anything because of Connor's allergy.)


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll try it, as I know it's a winner.

Dancing Branflake said...

Cheese ball with corned beef??? Amazing!

Dave said...

Yes, please share recipes. Can't ever add too many new things to our boring repertoire. BTW, love the pom-poms too. Christine

faith said...

So I never was fortunate enough to get a taste of this during my short stint at the HCO, but I think I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing.