first day of preschool!

Connor started his first day of preschool on August 30 at Mums here in Mebane. We were really sad to leave Orange Preschool from last year in Chapel Hill, but as soon as we saw the classroom we both got it excited! It looked so awesome! Even better, Connor gets to attend school with his best buddy and neighbor, Jaxton Peterson. We get to carpool together and listening to their conversations is hysterical. One day they tickled each other the whole way to and from preschool. :) A few days ago, Connor came in from school, dropped his backpack on the ground and said very seriously, "It was another BUSY day in preschool!" :) I think we are in for a GREAT year!


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh goodness! He's such a big boy!

Angela Okada said...

Sooooo cute! Sounds like Conner is going to love Pre-K. Just FYI, I thought about you and Andi when Pres. Monson announced the Indianapolis temple! So exciting!

Dad said...

How wonderful it is to be doing something you love with your best friend. I hope that Connor has a wonderful experience this year.