it's been too long since i've posted an update of our Kylenie Beanie (our friends, MacCade, Jaxton, and Beckam even call her Kylenie now). Kylene is now 22 mths and full of personality! We are so filled up with love for her we think we just might pop! Kylene LOVES to snuggle on some one's lap on the couch with her blankie. I don't think life gets much better than that for her. Her favorite TV show is Jack's Big Music Show on Nick Kids. She loves to dance to children's music and can head bop and hip swing with the best of them! She loves acting out the stories that are read to her now and her current favorite book is Freight Train.
She says, "No" and "Oh" in such a matter-of-fact way it's hard to ever get upset with her. She's becoming a little sassy and wants things when she wants them as illustrated by the picture below. She was trying desperately to get to the camera I was holding.
That girl loves to swing! She could swing the day away and often times says, "Higher!"
Kylene loves to be outside and is right in the mix with all the older kids. She's not one to be left behind! She loves babies, real and imaginary, and takes care of her baby all day. She feeds the baby her bottle, tucks her in her stroller, and wraps her in her blanket. She's fascinated by other babies and loves to be around them.

Kylene loves to be tickled and will often egg her brother on to chase her around the house while she squeals with half delight and half terror. :)
Kylene has concrete opinions about what she wants to wear daily and nightly. It's hard to get her favorite pj's off of her in the morning!
We are so THRILLED with her. She continues to bring JOY into our lives.


jami said...

we can't help but LOVE her too!

Dad said...

She is a cutie! I can't wait to see her in about a week!

Grandpa Myers

Mom said...

this is a wonderful update on Kylene. She is both adorable and adored. I think that describes a happy life!

Ashley said...

Love this sweet post and girl!