couldn't have been better...

the first Tuesdays of every month, the kids don't get to see Byron before bed because he has church meetings right after work and gets home late that night. i always try to do something a little extra fun on those nights to give us all something to look forward to (it's always sad when Dad's not home in the evening). while dinner was baking in the oven that night, i mixed up some brownies (best. recipe. ever) to have after dinner as a special treat. as it worked out, the kids ran outside to play, got all muddy, and needed a bath before we could do anything else. as they protested a bath, i told them that after bath, we were going to come downstairs and watch a show while we had a brownie! what!?! that kind of stuff never happens in the Kubik household! usually, once we head up for bed, there's no more coming downstairs. Connor was thrilled and Kylene just jumped around because Connor was. when we came back downstairs, I laid out a blanket so they could have a picnic in front of the TV. what?!? they didn't even have to eat at the table!?! they were so delighted, Connor threw his arms around my legs and said, "Mom, I love you sooooooooooooooooo much."

it couldn't have worked out better if i had planned it.
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melissa said...

Best mom, ever! It's so hard when they don't get to see Daddy. When Jeff works late at the hospital I call it "Happy No Daddy Fun Day." It doesn't really help.

Ashley said...

will you send me the brownie recipie?