haLLoWeEn eXtrAvaGaNza 2010

a few days before Halloween this year, my neighbor and friend Jesica commented that Halloween was becoming just about as busy as Christmas...agreed!
the weekend before Halloween, my parents came and visited from Indiana for four days. We had SUCH a great time with them. We went to the Museum of Life and Science, to our ward's Fall Festival, to Southpoint where my Mom bought the kids beautiful new Sunday clothes, out to eat at a Mexican restaurant we had heard about, carved pumpkins, make apple pie, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and the kids played, played and played some more with Nana and Grandpa. They both wanted to ride in the car with them wherever we went and apparently came up with new games to play while on the road. One game involved the word "boogers" a lot. Guess who came up with that one. :)
{our little family at our old ward's Fall Festival. Byron and I were a couple from the '50's though most people thought i looked like myself and that Byron looked like a missionary.}
we decorated Halloween cookies with our friends Dana, Abby and Sydney.

Connor with his best buddy, Jaxton.
both the kids really enjoyed the pumpkin carving process and loved saying "ooh, gross" when pulling out the innards.

on Saturday we went to a free Halloween event put on by a local church. we think it's a great event with free food, and lots of activities for the kids. there was music pumping the whole time with who we think is the minister as the DJ stopping the music at questionable parts to pose some religious questions. Example: "Has anyone ever heard of me, myself and I?" What does that sound like? That's right the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." continue with thumping music. It felt a little like brain washing. :)
{Kylene dancing to the music. that girl's got rhythm!}
{yep, we've practiced that stance A LOT at our home recently}
our little group ready to trick-or-treat.
our monkey can barely contain herself.
the first door!...no one home, boo.
trick-or-treating in our neighborhood was so fun. the neighborhood was alive with activity with lots of the adults dressed up as well. many neighbors had set up their trick-or-treat candy up outside waiting to great their little guests. we're now working our way through the candy...


Dancing Branflake said...

How cute! I love the missing tooth and you guys are a fabulous 1950's couple!

Mom said...

Your family photo from the ward party is gorgeous. What a good looking family you are!

Ashley said...

I love the family photo especially. And Connor cracks me up! But I think the best part is that Kylene looks none too thrilled in all the pictures where she is wearing her costume!

Proud gamma said...

Can't wait to see pix of Nana and Grandpa(that older booger!) I know the little monkey enjoys her costume but it sure doesn't show on her face :) I've got about 20 pix on my camera of the dinosaur. Each one "more scary" according to him. I'll have to send you my favorite.