she's TWO

On Friday, when I went into Kylene's room in the morning to get her up, she was standing up in her crib with her blanket shoved in her mouth waiting patiently for someone to come rescue her. Wearing purple polar bear footed pj's, tossled hair and bright eyes she smiled and said, "Hi Mommy!" I picked her up and twirled her around tickling her and giving her kisses and said, "Kylene, you're two! I love my two-year old girl!" Throughout the day I couldn't resist sweeping her up and holding her close and giving kisses and remarking on what a beautiful little two year old we have. When I brought her downstairs Connor said, "Happy Birthday Kylene, you're 2!" After talking about why Kylene was two, Connor said, "Mom, I don't want Kylene to be 2!" When asked why not he said, "I want her to stay our little baby." Sigh, true.
Mimi and Papa (Theresa and Bev) came to North Carolina around lunch time and the kids were THRILLED to have them here. They treated us to dinner at Olive Garden and then we came home to have ice cream and cake with a few neighbor friends.
Byron and I got home from the restaraunt before the other four and we were able to set out Kylene's new tricycle so it was the first thing she would see when she walked in the door. When she entered the house and saw it, she squealed, put her hands up in the air and yelled, "Hooray!" Exactly what we were hoping for. Connor took on on a few spins around the kitchen as she giggled with glee.
Mimi came through with a slew of beautiful new clothes. I'm holding a fall dress Theresa made. It's gorgeous!
We finished off the night with our favorite chocolate cake and playing with friends.
Kylene shows a lot of personality and can switch her mood from a scowl to a big cheesy grin in an instant. She says, "Wa" for yes and sometimes we feel like we're on a Charlie Brown special, "Wa, wa wa wa wa wa". {Remember how the teacher used to speak?}
She loves being involved in whatever the big kids are doing and is thrilled to be included in anything and everything. Kylene continues to adore her brother and Connor will sometimes ask, "Why does Kylene do whatever I do?" She loves being tickled and chased around the house and will egg people on to do both. Her favorite food is pizza and she'll come running if the word is ever mentioned. We think she is simply wonderful. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Karin and Ben said...

She is SOO precious.

Love, Auntie Karin

p.s. - I put up our new Christmas stockings, thanks to you, today!!

Ashley said...

Kylene is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! And may I just say that the picture of you is stunning!

Handi Andi said...

what a beautiful baby/big girl. What a lucky mommy and daddy. I so wish we could live closer to you guys! I miss you. We should meet up in Indiana this summer. Please?

Dad said...

Without a doubt, she is the most beautiful and precious granddaughter I have. You are right; you are lucky to have her in your family. And she is just as blessed to be part of you. Tell her Grandpa loves her soooooooooooooooo much :-0

missy d said...

I can't believe she is 2! Her sweet smile in every picture just melts my heart. She is a darling for sure!

Geoff and Janene said...

Two?! What? She is beautiful. What a great smile!