Last week Byron had Thursday and Friday off for Fall Break and so we took the chance to head down to S. Carolina to spend some time with Byron's parents or "Mimi and Papa" as they're better known as around here. Some of the fun things we got to do included: Kristi getting her hair done one last time before the baby comes (I'll have beautiful hair for a few weeks at least); Theresa, Bev, and Byron's brother Jarom taking Connor to Chuck E Cheese while Byron and I had a night out; Byron and I attending a session at the Columbia, S.C temple (one of the male temple workers seemed a little concerned that I might have the baby while at the temple); having fun playing with Missy (the dog) and Izzy (the cat), the sand box, going fishing, feeding the neighbor's horses, exploring around the house; and I think the highlight for Connor, attending the South Carolina State Fair. He was so excited to see the Ferris Wheel for some reason and kept talking about it all day.
Connor loved finding the work machines and "testing" them out. The only hiccup was he kept on asking for the keys. He wanted to fire those babies up! He loved seeing all the animals and had a fun time petting this "soft" bunny.

The highlight for him though were the rides. He had a crash course in the art of waiting in line. There were a few car rides he was tall enough to ride and he was thrilled. The picture below is of the roughest ride he went on. Little race cars went around a loop but really sped up and whipped those cars around the corners. We saw the ride and thought Byron should ride with him so Connor wouldn't get whip lashed. When it was finally Byron and Connor's turn, I walked over to the side they were on and noticed Connor was crying. I asked Byron what the problem was, thinking Connor was scared and Byron told me Connor didn't want him to ride with him. He kept on saying "No Daddy, and asking him to get off." Ahh, Mr. Independent. For his last ride hurrah of the night, Connor wanted to do the ride again and as we were walking over, he turned to Byron, put his hand out in a stop position and said, "No Daddy, do by self." Alrighty then. He was thrilled though when another little boy sat next to him. It was hilarious to us to see the two blond heads slide to the side of the car together at the turns and then whip back to the center. Connor was observing some of the older kids ridding the ride who were holding their hands up in the air like on a roller coaster. I could tell Connor had finally worked up his courage and put his hands up for second before he lost his nerve and grabbed onto the the bar for dear life as they rounded the bend. Ah, moments like those are priceless.

We had such a great time, thanks for having us Mimi and Papa!

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Mom of 5 boys said...

I bet you were exhausted being so close to when your baby is due. That looked like a fun filled time.