We had a great Halloween with our Luke Skywalker. He was thrilled with his candy. (No really, he was. I have no idea why he posed himself this way, but he did and it cracks me up.)

We met up with 6 other families for trick-or-treating. All the kids had a great time running from house to house. Connor trick-or-treated for a little over and hour and then found his pumpkin was getting too heavy to carry and was ready to head home. That worked out just great for his Mom and Dad.

We had our good friends, the Peterson's, over Halloween morning to decorate cookies. Would you like a side of cookie to go along with your sprinkles?

October 31st was a fun day, but I'm glad we're past it now and most of the candy is gone. We quickly discovered that lack of nutrition and lack of sleep do not make for a pretty combination...for any of us. Happy Halloween!


Ash & Jon said...

The picture of Connor with his candy is HILARIOUS!

Tiff said...

I love your posts. They need more pictures of you though. I want to see your cute baby tummy!

Jami & Boys said...

thanks again for having us over -- my boys might be your #1 fan, especially when it comes to your sugar cookies!

2 + 2 = 4 said...

I am calling dibs on this boy for one of my girls. What a freaking gorgeous kid! Sheesh....I called dibs first! Tell the others to hope your 3rd child is a boy! ;)

melissa said...

I love that he was Luke Skywalker. Very cool.

Your ticker says 7 days left. Holy Cow! I'm so excited for you guys! Get the drugs, dude.