9 months

{9 mth stats}
17 lb 14 oz
28.25 in
while we were at the beach last week Kylene hit her 9 mth mark. i remember this time last year trying to picture what my life would be like when she was around 8-9 mths and i had no idea it would be as happy as it is (and i was expecting something pretty good!) {photo courtesy of Ashley Henderson}
at 9 mths Kylene is easily cruising around the place by holding onto furniture. she is a very FAST crawler and has an increasingly long reach (i think i've mentioned she's a food thief. all of the above skills make her a master thief.)
she sits back on her knees and lifts up her hands to be held which she wants a lot these days since she's noticed there's so much stuff happening above that she wants to be a part of! i.e cooking and what's happening at the computer.
she loves to be rocked and sung to while sucking her blankie.
she has a love for stuffed animals.
her food preferences are expanding and she's become a regular member of the dinner table eating what we eat. her favorites seem to be noodles with tomato or alfredo sauce and don't even dare try to take any fresh peaches away from the girl!
she's discovered that the water in her sippy is not the same as the apple juice in Connor's so we've started giving her super diluted juice which she is very pleased with.
she takes one short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap along with Connor which spells pure bliss for Mom.
she's loves being tickled, playing chase, and being involved in anything Connor's doing.
if she's quiet, i usually find her in Connor's room getting into all the things he tries to keep her away from. :)
she loves other babies.
i've started to put a small clip in her hair since she pulls her headbands off.
shes still has her rolly polly thighs which, um, we like a lot.
she lights up when she hears Byron's voice when he comes home and crawls to find him.
we are so in love.


Ash & Jon said...

oh, how I miss this darling, darling little girl! I'm so in love too!

jami said...

i'm in love too! she is a sweet one.

Kami said...

such a cutie! it's fun to hear the things she is doing, since so many of them are similar to my 9 mo. old. a great stage, eh?

Dad said...

What a lucky Grandpa am I to have such a beautiful grandaughter! Of course, her mother is beautiful, so what would I expect :-) I ttruly loved getting to know her more on our vacation.

Dave said...

What - 9 months? Seems like just yesterday... Love those sweet cheeks. Fun to hear about Connor and his little sis. We've just recently heard "Mom, she's touching my stuff!" from our big sis. Only the beginning. :)