16 months

at 16 mths this little beauty feeds herself her morning oatmeal and cereal with a spoon. she seems to be a bit of a carnivore and loves sausage, bacon, pork, chicken and steak.

Kylene has become quite a climber and can pull herself up onto most things. if she can't quite get to where she wants to go, she's discovered various things around the house she can move to get better leverage for her goal. strong and smart. :)

Kylene's hair is getting longer and needs conditioner now to works through the tangles in the back. she does not appreciate this new development. she also will not keep any sort of barrette or clip in her hair so we have wild woman hair most of the time. it seems to be a look that works for her though. :)

Kylene is starting to realize ownership and needs some coaxing sometimes to share. When she shares on her own accord, she is so proud of herself and runs to us for a hug and kiss. she continues to find Connor hilarious and even though they have their struggles from time-to-time, find the most joy in being together.

Kylene is showing more and more interest in her baby doll and babies in general and likes to give hugs to the other little babies (mostly boys) in our church. they don't seem to know what to make of it all. :)

Kylene's new favorite thing is to bring the stool in the kids' bathroom to our coffee table and sit on it to eat a snack or read a book. Byron didn't know about this new development and was frustrated one night when he kept bringing the stool back to the bathroom only to find it back in the living room again. :)

Kylene sure likes to laugh and have fun and we love her to bits and pieces.

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Ash & Jon said...

What a total doll face! Are you positive that you're not bringing her the wedding? I miss her little face so much!

Dad said...

What a cutie! She is so adorable. Reminds me of another little blonde-haired girl I used to know :-)

Mom said...

Kylene is such a treasure. You're right, she's a beauty, and she has a lot of personality. No wonder you're all thrilled with her. So are we!