It's Pumpkin Time!

Connor's been so thrilled with pumpkins this year. He calls them "balls" and points them out whenever he sees them. (We have three on our calendar for this month so it's a daily thing we do to point them out while we're eating dinner now).:) I couldn't help but buy two when we were shopping this past week. I bought a small pumpkin just for Connor. When he saw it he hugged it and said, "ball" in the most loving way and carried it with him the rest of the trip. It was totally worth the $2 to see his love and care towards his very first pumpkin. I love this time of year!


Blackner Family said...

I just love this holiday season and I love that the holidays just keep on coming until St. Patrick's day! We are so excited to take Baylee to the pumpkin patch! We've taken her the last two years and she loves it! (The one on Geneva and 400 south.)

Dad said...

Connor looks so grown up! Where did the baby go! Have fun with him. These times are precious.

Ash & Jon said...

Connor looks like a boy! He doesn't really even look like a baby anymore. He is just too, too cute!