Mommy's Little Helper

Lately Connor has been super interested in all aspects of doing laundry. He wants to help me put clothes in the washer and then help move them to the dryer. He likes to unload the clothes form the dryer to the "to be folded" basket, and his favorite is actually folding where he mimics me shaking out shirts before folding and patting them down on the floor after folding. (It's amazing what I've learned about my own habits by watching what he mimics. I had no idea I patted the folded clothes after I put them on their respective piles until I saw him doing it and then caught myself in action!). We had a minor mishap recently when I left the dryer door down and left Connor pulling clothes out into the basket. I ran upstairs to get something and heard Connor calling my name. When I made my way back downstairs and turned the corner into the kitchen, I stopped dead in my tracks to find Connor on top of the counter over our washer and dryer. He was standing holding out a Starburst candy he had found wanting me to open it for him. So, yes, we now have a major climber on our hands!


Amy said...

HAHA!!! I totally agree! Gwen will do things just like I do...and I'll be like, wait...do I do that? You learn a lot about yourself, through your children! Haha

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i wish tyson would start helping out with the laundry a little more!! and the joys of little boys. you will continue to find him in the most random spots! such fun.

Ash & Jon said...

Okay. Seriously that is just too cute. I love him so much! I wish I could see him do all these cute things you blog about! You're one lucky mom!