What's Connor Up To These Days?

Whenever we talk to family or friends, they always ask, "What's Connor up to these days?" Here are a few things our little buddy's been doing recently.

1. Connor loves Christmas and Christmas lights in particular. He calls Christmas "Ha, ha, ha" meaning "Ho, ho, ho" which to him represents Christmas. We know he's spotted Christmas lights while we're in the car because we'll hear an enthusiastic, "Ha, ha, ha!" from the backseat. He also calls the Christmas trains we see at Target "Ha,ha T." We're the only two people in the world who up until now, knows that means "Christmas train".:)

2. Connor is repeating more and more of what we say. I've discovered I say, "neat" and "nice" a lot because those are two new words he mimics a lot. Cool mom, huh?:) Tonight we were having Sugar Snap Peas with our meal and Connor was mostly interested in getting the peas out of the pod. Byron was calling the peas, "little guys". When Connor didn't want to eat them anymore, just play with them, he would get them out of the pod, hand them to me calling them "guys". That cracked us up!

3. Connor loves stuffed animals right now. He keeps on asking for more to be pulled from the shelf and put into his bed. We hear him talking to them, he gives them kisses, he wants one to be tucked in next to him at night, and he even wants one to sit with him in his highchair at times and "feeds" the animal before he feeds himself. We find all of this very very sweet.

Hope you enjoyed our update, I'll try to keep them coming!


Ash & Jon said...

Too cute, Kristi. That picture of Connor could go in a magazine. He looks stunning.

Proud gamma said...

Love the pix. Unfortunately our Ha ha T won't be up and running this year because the humidity has worked a number on it. Can't wait to see you guys

John & Laura said...

"Ha ha T" That's cute. I'm so glad I get to peak into your lives and get to know Connor a little because of blogging. He's a handsome guy and I love to see how much you adore him!


Peterson's said...

we love that kid and i think he's starting to love me more and more too :) he's quite the little guy!