Our Easter weekend started with a ward breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt at the Institute Building. All the kids were keyed up and excited for the hunt while the parents ate breakfast. Why do we as adults always bait our kids and then make them behave and wait while the prize is hanging in front of them? The kids could see the eggs from where we sat and we couldn't let them go until breakfast was over, all the rules were explained and they were broken into groups. Byron whispered to me that he was contemplating yelling "GO!" while the lengthy explanations were taking place. :)
Connor and his good buddy Jaxton were never far from one anther while collecting their loot. And believe me, they got some loot.
After the ward party, we took Connor to his "surprise" which was a visit from Byron's parents. They were in town visiting some long-time friends and we got to be with them that day also. Connor's Mimi brought Easter eggs and some prizes and they did a egg hunt together in our apartment. Connor was thrilled and he and Theresa hid and found the eggs over, and over, and over, and over....
Easter morning, Connor woke up to his Easter basket hanging on his door and a trail of jelly bean filled eggs leading to his Easter basket. The Easter Bunny did good this year.

My Easter gift was getting to dress my kids in coordinating outfits. Ahh, the joy of a mother. We couldn't coax Connor into a picture, and I wasn't really into forcing a crying kid to pose for a crying picture, so we just took some of our lovely Kylene. Most people loved her flower, but one man saw her and said, "The things parents to do their children." Whatever, we think it's cute.

The program in Sacrament meeting was wonderful and filled with special, beautiful music. That night we attended the baptism of a young man who has been attending the ward for a few years now. He's even given two talks since we've lived here. His mother had yet to give permission for him to be baptized, and we still don't know what transpired to make the event happen, but Sam was baptized on Easter Sunday and it was wonderful. What a special way to celebrate Easter and the Life, Atonement, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
I love Easter.


Ash & Jon said...

I have a lot to say about this. First of all, the pictures of Byron with the kiddos are super duper cute. I'm in love with Connor's smile. I can't believe how big he is getting. I'm sad Jon and I weren't there for the Easter egg hunt. That was so fun last year! You said you got them coordinating outfits. Was Connor's that same green color that Kylene was wearing? I think Kylene looked darling-love the flower. Who cares what that man said. Some people are so rude. Keep your opinions to your self, mister!

Jules said...

she looks adorable--boo to that man who said that.

Codi Kubik said...

so...I am sitting here studying for finals and I was like let me take a break and check Kristi's blog. SO glad I did because now I am in a much better mood after looking at all these adorable pictures. Kylene looks precious in her easter outfit!! and like Ashley I love Connor's smile.
And tell Byron I really wish he would have just yelled "GO" and seen all the kids go flying and all the dirty looks from the people coordinating it. It would have been worth the shun they would have placed on him haha

Kelsey said...

Your kids are just adorable! That flower is so cute! It reminds me of the daisies from Campus Craft & Floral. We used to have a baby-hater man in our ward...made rude comments if someone's child started crying in Sunday school. Consequently, not too many people cared what he thought. :)