Potty Training

One Bob the Builder Potty Training Seat: $13 Three pairs of Lightning McQueen Underwear: $8
A little boy going to the bathroom by himself: PRICELESS

We are so proud of Connor. It took Byron and I a little while to commit to potty training Connor, but once we did, he did great. Ahh, one less poopy diaper o change is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Way to go buddy!


Ash & Jon said...

Go Connor!

Jennifer S. said...

Congratulations! Not having to change (or buy) diapers is a beautiful, beautiful, thing.

Jules said...

yay Connor and yay for you and Byron!
I am surprised you only had to buy one pack of underwear--I had to buy three and I still felt like I was constantly doing laundry. :)

Geoff and Janene said...

Good for you. I wish I could say Ben has nailed it...but mostly he does fine. It's just the, "Mom, I 'accidentally' pooped in my underwear'" comment that really gets the rage going in my heart. :)
Yeah Connor for being a big boy!
I don't even want to admit how much money I've spent on underwear for Ben. :)

melissa said...

I'm so happy for you! I know what a struggle it can be and what joy it brings when they figure it out. Way to go, Conner!