off to the races

Ms. Kylene is mobile. And she's getting fast. She'd been rocking on her knees for a few weeks and then little by little worked on moving a hand with a knee forward. Right now she employs several different strategies to get to her target: the push up on her toes in a "v" form and then fall forward; tradition "crawl" manuver; and the ever popular "roll".Love those legs.

Couldn't ever catch the "v" picture (I'll keep working on it)


Jill said...

I can't believe that she's so mobile already! I'm pretty certain that Haley has no idea that she's capable of such feats--and I'm fine with that!

boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

She is an absolute DOLL!!!!!

Mom said...

Kylene continues to be a beauty. She could also be called "Little Miss Chubby Legs." :-) I bet her early crawling is in part due to her desire to keep up with big brother.