turtle and me

Byron is the best at spotting animals in nature and Connor loves this about him. Byron spotted this turtle out the window one day while Connor and I were out and put him on our porch for Connor to see when we got home.They hit it off immediately.


"Do we have to put him back Dad?"
After the photo shoot and some more bonding time, Byron and Connor released him back to the wild, or Apartment Complex Pond at it may be.

As for me, all I could think of was a picture a friend had sent me from his mission in Brazil of the insides of a turtle before they "feasted". Gross. Turtle and I didn't get as close.

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Mom said...

I love the photos of Connor with the turtle. That's amazing that Byron spotted the turtle from inside the house. This is another example of the varied experiences you and Byron offer Connor. In teacher lingo it's called "background of experience."