thanksgiving 2009

this year, with Byron working the Friday after Thanksgiving, we decided to stay home and have a "relaxing" day together as a family. (if you can call any day relaxing with two small children. fun yes, relaxing no.)
i have to say, we had a super delicious feast as evidenced by our succulent bird. :)
since we live in North Carolina and this place is awesome, it was a beautiful day to go to the park. we went for 2 hours and had a great time. we went on a "bear hunt" (hike) through the woods and our rock and stick specialist (Connor) collected many special treasures along the way.

we couldn't be more thrilled with each other and come on, with these two pumpkins can we ask for anything more?
we are so blessed and try to be mindful of our blessings daily. i'm so grateful for this time of year that gives us a chance to reflect on all the wonders in our life and be happy with each other.


Ash & Jon said...

Your kids are such a treasure. CAN'T wait to see them at Christmas!

Karin said...

Wish I was seeing them at Christmas too... ;)

Dancing Branflake said...

Um... that bird looks exceptionally good. What's your secret? Byron- great having a picture of you! You both look great!

Handi Andi said...

You are looking smokin these days (not that you weren't before, but you know, you look good), and your kids are exceptionally cute. Wish we lived closer!

Kelsey said...

After reading your other post about your kids being squirmy for "posterity" pictures, I have to say that one of them linking arms in front of the tree is about as picture perfect as you can get! They're so adorable...we're sad we'll miss you guys in Indiana this year.