happy 1st birthday!

on Thursday, November 19th, our little Kylene turned 1 year old!
she had a little cold that day, but it didn't seem to keep her down and we had such a wonderful day celebrating our sweetheart.
that afternoon Byron came home early from work (Byron was our photographer for the night and this is the only picture we have to show he was there--sorry Byron!)
and Maw Maw and Paw Paw drove down from Virginia.

Mimi and Papa came up from South Carolina,

and Kylene found a new friend in Paw Paw.

Nana was there as well (she has come for the birthday week) and kept Connor entertained with a sword fight.
Connor has us all laughing as he would voluntarily bend over for a wack. :)
the time came for presents...
and Connor opened his up first! (Nana was nice enough to bring a new pair of Nike's from Grandpa and two cool swords so Connor could have some present excitement too).
Kylene also liked the swords
but seemed most fascinated by two new books.
there's big brother again, helping open
a present from Mom and Dad that both the kids got a kick out of.
Kylene was fascinated by her new baby doll
and loved on her the rest of the night.
after dinner it was time for cake!
the Birthday Girl was dainty at first.
but then decided the plate-in-the-face method worked better.
the aftermath. the girl needs a bath!
after her bath, our neighbor and friends stopped by to give Kylene a Little People bus which she loves.
It was so wonderful having so many family members with us to celebrate this wonderful girl. Happy Birthday Kylene!


Metta said...

I vote that the picture of you holding cake girl is the cutest picture of you in the world.

Ash & Jon said...

oh! What a precious day!

Sara said...

what a cute little birthday girl! you look great, too! :) love your haircut.

Mom said...

What a great wrap-up of Kylene's first birthday. It was a fabulous celebration.

Kami and Jacob said...

So cute! Can't believe our babies are one! Miles is not QUITE walking yet though . . . maybe Kylene can give him lessons!

Dancing Branflake said...

Great cake! I love her expression while reading. So precious!