1 year

{18.74 lb, 28.5 in}
is it possible Kylene is 1? this past week has brought back a flood of memories about the time surrounding her birth. it was such a sweet and hard time. i was so full of love and adrenaline and pure exhaustion. one thing's for sure, we all loved her instantly and i think we love her even more now.
at 1, Kylene is easily walking and running. now that she can walk so steadily, we loves to go outside and walk along and explore as Connor rides his bike or "mows" with his lawn mower.
Kylene LOVES books and will bring a chosen book and crawl up in your lap to be read to.
Kylene loves dolls and will find one wherever we are. she's pictured here with a baby doll her Mimi gave her for her birthday.
Kylene's very observant and follows what's going on around her. a few weeks ago, when I was getting Connor ready for Preschool, she walked up behind me holding Connor's shoes worn only for Preschool. she's also knows when we're putting on coats and shoes, we're going somewhere and will go stand by the door knocking until she's let loose.
Kylene has recently discovered chicken and mashed potatoes and asks for more, and more, and more...
Kylene also loves to flip through books by herself and can be found on Connor's bed, in his rocking chair or in her crib after a nap flipping through a book. below she is "reading" a flier from a magazine after she crawled up into our bed and snuggled herself in. pretty cozy, eh?
Kylene is fascinated by animals and other babies.
She has started to learn the art of twirling and thinks this is pretty fun.
Kylene has things to say! and babbles and "talks" to us constantly.
Kylene likes to play games, especially chase (when she's the one being chased) and peek-a-book (she likes to be the one peeking).
she LOVES doing what Connor's doing and bless Connor's heart, he doesn't mind...most of the time. :)
Kylene has an ocean full of people who love her. what a great life. :)


Dancing Branflake said...

I can't believe she is one! So beautiful.

Angela Okada said...

Kristi, she is soooooo cute!

Dad said...

I thought you were about the ctest baby I had ever seen but Kylene gives you a run for your money :-) She is absolutley darling a Nana and I look forward to seeing you all at Christmas!