Halloween 2009

we had such a great Halloween this year. we had pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast which i called "Halloween" pancakes so Connor was totally in to it. we spent the afternoon at a Halloween festival with some good friends and we all had a great time participating in some games, eating some food, and loading up the candy--holy smokes there was a lot of candy to be had!
we thought we had the cutest Tigger on the block and our Moto Cross man thought life couldn't get much better.
together with some friends before gathering our loot.
it was a relaxed happy day that we got to spend together. now THAT is a great day in my book.


Dancing Branflake said...

They are too cute! I can't believe how old Connor is already. Time keeps going, doesn't it?

Mom said...

Cute pictues. I love the photo of Kylene as Tigger. I noticed the pink bow. Cute finishing touch!

Proud gamma said...

Love the bow. Can't believe its been almost a year.

Geoff and Janene said...

So cute. I loved that Halloween was on a Saturday this year. It was relaxing. I think you had the cutest Tigger too!