i can't believe it. this time last year i was starting to waddle around and here we are approaching Kylene's first birthday.
at eleven months Kylene is walking and has just learned how to push herself up to a standing position from the ground. she LOVES to walk and is very proud of herself. up to this point, Kylene's prefered mode of transportation was walking around on her knees. she wore out quite a few pants and tights that way.
Kylene wants to be doing what Connor's doing and other big kids for that matter.
she is happy happy and such a pleasure to be around.
Kylene LOVES books and kicks her legs and claps when she is put on your lap to be read too. she loves having books in her crib to flip through before falling asleep (like her brother). her favorite story right now is The Very Busy Spider. I think she could listen to that all day long!
Kylene has become more particular about what she likes and has started shaking her head "no". she does this most often when food is presented that she does not prefer.
We feel Kylene communicates with us very well. when she wants her sippy cup, she comes over to the fridge and "asks" for it to be opened and then points to her cup. when she wants a book, she points to the book shelf and then chooses the book she would like and brings it to us to be read. we like her lots.
Kylene has really started "talking" to us and telling us all sorts of things. she seems to have quite a bit on her mind.
Kylene loves dolls and will sniff one out of a pile of toys where ever we are. {as a side note, my Mom called Kylene "dolly" when she was a newborn because we thought she was so perfect and looked like a doll. other people commented likewise so we felt justified in our name. }:)
what a love.


Ash & Jon said...

what a sweetheart!

Karin said...

I can't believe she is walking! I love that girl!

Mom said...

No wonder you love Kylene.....she's so lovable! She's a beauty and I'm glad you all find joy in her and in each other.

Tiff said...

So beautiful!

Geoff and Janene said...

Cutie patootie. She's walking?! Cool. My kids were really slow at that. I liked it so much better when they weren't on the ground as much. :)