pumpkin patch

on thursday, Kylene and i got to go with Connor's preschool class to Mr. B's Pumpkin Patch in Graham, NC.
the most fun part for me, was seeing Connor interact with his classmates and teachers. i think his teacher's, Miss Melanie and Miss Kelly, are magical. what they said, the children obeyed. i need to watch more closely and take notes!
Connor seems to have hit it off the best with another little boy names Peter. i overheard a few conversations between the two involving workmen and construction trucks. a bosom friend for Connor, for sure. :)

part of the activities included seeing chickens, a cow, bunnies, a goat and a horse and getting to pet all of them. Kylene was VERY impressed with all the animals and even got brave enough to touch the cow.
all the workers there were very child-friendly and helped the kids have a great time stuffing a scarecrow with straw.

the Penguin class with their teachers.
this picture is at the end of the trip after the hay ride and walk through the "bubble" forest.
one little girl, Selena, seems to have a serious crush on Connor. she was always by him and wanting to show him things. whenever she lost him, she said, "Mom! Mom! where's Connor!" anything she found from a rock, leaf, flower and feather she wanted to give to Connor. he finally got tired of it and didn't want to accept the feather, but after she persisted, he turned to her with a big smile and said, "Oh thanks!" and took it. what a good guy. i was also pleased to see when she wanted to hold him hand he just folded his arms and said, "No thank you." can't believe the pursuit has begun already.
Kylene mainly spent her time eating gold fish and animal crackers.
we came home with two small pumpkins and Connor's very pleased with them both. yesterday he pushed the pumpkin he chose around in our umbrella stroller and told me his pumpkin was 3 like him and was named "Buddy". :)
I would call the outing a success.


Ash & Jon said...

Several comments: 1) Connor is so grown up and handsome! 2) Love Connor's shoes! 3) Which girl is Selena? 4)Were you able to figure out who the "beautiful girl" is? 5) Kylene has got on some seriously cute outfits!

Ash & Jon said...

they are plaques that you display in an easel for different times of the year.

Mom said...

I loved reading the run down of the visit to the pumpkin patch. All the photos are so good! What fun for Connor to expand his circle of friends through pre-school. Thanks for sharing the experience.