is what Kylene calls a balloon.
last week, the kids each got a balloon at the grocery store. Kylene was mesmerized by them and while i put the groceries away, she sat on her knees looking up at them.
that evening, when she got up to nurse, she spotted the balloons afterwards and became very animated, so Byron brought them over to her. she laughed and giggled and played with those balloons for the extra 30 minutes we let her stay up (how could we put her back to bed? we were having so much fun!)

byron and i were surprised and impressed to see Kylene grab hold of the balloon string and pull the balloon down hand over hand.
i LOVE this picture. to me her face says "Dad, WHAT are you doing?!?"

i don't know which one of them enjoyed this time more.
the next morning she woke up saying "baaaa" and looking for her balloons by looking up at the ceiling. now, if you ask Kylene where the balloon is, she look up. how cute is that?


Handi Andi said...

Darling girl. You are right, how could you say no to such cuteness?

Ash & Jon said...

Too too darling. I also LOVE the look she is giving Byron. Precious.

Mom said...

Sounds like a sweet time for just the three of you. Thanks for recording the sweet experience.

Greg and Tammy said...

I love cheap entertainment with kids. Balloon - $2.00
Evening of Entertainment - Priceless