Ben and Karin's Wedding

At the end of June, Byron and I got to travel out to San Fransisco for Ben and Karin's wedding. We left Connor and Kylene with Byron's parents in South Carolina. This was the first time we had been away from both of our kids over night. It was really sad to see the kids drive away with Theresa, but once we knew that the kids were happy and doing well, we felt foot loose and fancy free! It was so fun being together just the two of us again and we realized how much we have to say to one another when we're not constantly interrupted! :)
The first night in Oakland, we attended a dinner with the family and friends that had come into town for the wedding. We had a great time sitting with some of Ben and Karin's friends, Ben Tingey, his wife, Ben "Blue" and his fiance, Sammy.
The next morning we attended the wedding at the Oakland Temple where Karin's grandfather performed the sealing. It was so wonderful to be in the temple with Byron,my parents, sister, brother and their spouses. Ben and Karin couldn't have been happier or more beautiful!

We got to eat at In-and-Out on our way to Merced for the reception at the Rowan home that evening. The weather was perfect and we had a great time visiting and dancing the night away.
It was especially great to be with my parents and Ashley, Jon and Zach. (By this point though Byron and I were really starting to miss our kids.)
We spent the next few days in San Fransisco in a really cool hotel called the Warwick. We did Pier 39, rode on cable cars, visited Alcatrez (creeepy),
and did one of my favorite things of the trip, biked the Golden Gate Bridge from pier 31 to Salsalito.

When we got to the little town of Salsalito, we had lunch at a cafe and then loaded outselves and our bikes onto the ferry to take up back to San Fran.

Byron and I were the last of the couples to leave the city for home and the night before we left, Byron and I were treated to a showing of Wicked by my parents. It was stunning.
Byron and I had a wonderful time together and enjoyed just walking around the city and exploring new things. We also really enjoyed all the good food. We were dying to be with our kids again though and found it hard to think of anything else until we got to hug and squeeze them.
Itsn't that the picture of happiness? :)


Angela Okada said...

Loved this post! You guys are the picture of happiness :-) Loves!

Metta said...

I can't even tell you how much we want to go to San Francisco... Kristi, I'm so glad that you guys had that together! We'll have to take Gigi though, so that there's no rush to get home ;-)

Dancing Branflake said...

I love the new blog layout and those pictures are just fantastic. It was so great seeing you!

Dad said...

It was a wonderful time no doubt! It was fun for us all to be together. Next time, we'll have Ben and Karin too. Won't that be fun!

Ashley said...

You're back!!!!!!!!! That last picture is especially stunning!

Dave said...

Lucky ducks - you and the kids! Grandparents house or san francisco...I'd take either. :) Glad you all had fun. Christine

Mom said...

That picture of you and Byron is stunning. You guys could be movie stars!