while the parents were away, the children played

As I mentioned, it was really hard for me to say goodbye to Connor and Kylene when I dropped then off with Theresa before Byron and I left for California. But when I heard what a great time they were having, I rested much easier.
They spent a lot of time outside playing with the new tractor,
feeding Princess,

playing with the Reese,

digging in the sandbox

and playing in the sprinkler!

they also had a fun time at the mall,
learning how to text,
riding the carousel,
and taking a ride on the ice cream truck.
They got to go over to the Parsons a few times to swim with Kylie, Logan, Baylee, and Hunter.
At the Zoo, Aunt Tracey spoiled the kids with rides on the train,
grain to feed the animals,

a comfy stroller and huge, cool zoo cups filled with cherry slushy. Connor still talks about those slushies!
They got to go bowling with their Uncle Jarom, and be loved on by their Uncle Logan and Aunt Codi.

When we were driving back home after picking up the kids, I looked back and noticed that Connor was silently crying in the back and wiping tears away. I thought he was happy to be back together, but it came out that he was really sad to leave Mimi and Papa's. Who wouldn't be?
When we pulled into our driveway, Connor asked if he could put his pajamas on. It was well past their bedtime and I was pleased that Connor was ready to head in the direction. I said, "Sure! That would be great buddy!" He then asked if he could then come down and watch a movie before he went to bed. When I told him no, it was time to go to bed, he began to cry and said, "That's what we do at Mimi and Papa's!" Ah yes, it really is living the high life at Mimi and Papa's. Thanks so much for showing the kids such a wonderful time!


Dad said...

WOW! What a great tractor for Connor and Kylene! And the horse, the sand, the adoration! Nanna and I really will have to step up our game to stay up with Mimi and Papa :-) We are so glad they had so much fun. I am grateful that Bev and Theresa did what they were suppose to do; spoil their grandkids and send them home to their parents. Go Mimi and Papa!

Greg and Tammy said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful trip to San Fran and even better that the kids had a blast while you were gone!! You look just beautiful in all the pics. Of course!

Mom said...

What a wonderful vacation for Connor and Kylene. It was way better than Disney World!