preschool graduation

 At the beginning of June, Connor finished 2 years of preschool and participated in a "preschool graduation".  We thought he looked so handsome and we were so proud of him when he stood up with his class to sing (he's was really concerned about it).
 Connor has had a wonderful experience in preschool.  It's in turn been a wonderful expereince for me and enriching for both of us.
 This year his teacher was Ms. Andrews.  She loved Connor and Kylene and we loved her back!
 The next day, Connor and Kylene and I went over to Z Bowl for a graduation party with the class.  Connor got to bowl, eat pizza, drown himself in pop, and play games in the arcade with all his friends.  I watched Connor from a distance most of the time while I was keeping Kylene entertained and it was so wonderful to see what a nice, sweet, fun boy he was without me hovering around making sure he was behaving properly.  Byron, we might be doing something right!

Next stop, Kindergarten Buddy!  You're going to knock 'em dead.


codi said...

I couldn't be happier about the mohawk! He is so handsome!

Ashley said...

I agree with Codi. Connor's hair looks goood.