Connor played T-ball this spring.  This was his first time participating in an organized sport and it was a hit!  He enjoyed going to the practices, loved putting on his uniform for the game, and really like the snack after the game.  Our good friend and neighbor, Philip Bush, was the head coach and I loved hearing Connor refer to him as "Coach Philip".
The best part though was being on the team with two of his best buddies, Jaxton and Talan.  I think the picture below shows the closeness between the three.

I knew Connor would receive a trophy at the end of his last game, but kept it to myself so it'd be a surprise (and so I wouldn't have to keep answering the question "Is it time for the trophies?!?" over and over and over again.)  All you parents out there, you get me?
When Connor realized what was happening, he was so thrilled!  All the way home he kept asking questions such as "Mom, is this the greatest trophy you've ever seen?  Mom, is this the shiniest trophy you've ever seen?  Mom, is this the biggest trophy you've ever seen?  Mom, do you have trophies as cool as this one?" and ect.  You get the flavor.  That night as I was reading him a story before bed, he jumped up and grabbed his trophy off of his desk.  When he sat back down, he looked at me a little sheepishly and said, "I just wanted to hold my trophy."
Can't wait for soccer in the fall!  Go Pirates!
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Greg and Tammy said...

What a handsome little dude. And yes, a shiny trophy indeed. :)

Lucky to be the mom said...

What a super fun stage your family is in! We love 'keeping up' with y'all :)
Thanks for sharing!
The Ferrins

Randy said...

I look at these pictures everyday and remember myself how much fun it was to be on a team and having my Mom and Dad watching me. Enjoy these times because they are priceless.

Love always,