Hey Provo Peeps!

Even though this picture is from May, I'd just like to give a "shout out" to our friends in Provo. We love you guys and feel so lucky we got to live in Westgate and be with you all for a little bit. And seriously, how cute are our kids?!? Love you all!


Peterson's said...

hey, i'm not from provo and my kids aren't in that picture, but i have to admit that they are cute kids!

Blackner Family said...

HOOLA!!! We love and miss you guys so much!! We'll never be the same without you and your adorable family. Every once in while I crack up thinking about when Byron fell off his bike out in the field!! Good times!!

Also guess how funny..I just finished Twilight and am more than halfway through New Moon. Mischele is reading Twighlight and loving it too!! We were laughing at the fact that we should have listened to you months ago when you told us about it! (You were the first one to tell us about it and since then I kept hearing about so I finally gave in..glad I did!!)

Anyway sending much love to you!!