Tag, You're It!

JOBS I have had(and still have):-

-Mom (this one is by far the best)

-Secretary (various places, some much better than others. BYU being by far my favorite place)

-Kinkos Copy Expert (3 LONG summers)

-Basketball camp coach (love that)

MOVIES that I could watch over and over:-


-Anne of Green Gables

-Freaky Friday (the most recent one with Lindsay Lohan--I dont' know what it is, I love it!)

Favorite T.V Shows:

Refer to my list on my blog


- Scrapbooking

- Blogging

- Reading

- Jogging

-creating anything!

Places I have lived:

- Chapel Hill, NC

-Provo, UT

-Tokyo, Japan

-Carmel, IN

-Grand Rapids, MI

-Indianapolis, IN

Favorite Foods:

-anything sweet

-anything chocolate

-anything fried

-anything barbequed

-pretty much...anything

Places I would rather be right now:

I would like to visit my parents, but other than that, I'm really happy where I am

Websites I check Daily:

-Gmail account

-Blog account

-those linked to my blog

Who I'm Tagging

All who haven't yet been tagged!

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