The March of the Empire

This morning I got to attend the Women's Conference put on by our Stake. It was excellent and I was so glad I was able to attend. While I was away, the boys played. Byron took Connor to Southpoint mall to wait in line at Pottery Barn Kids (they had priority line tickets) to see some Star Wars characters. Byron said as they were waiting for the doors to open, a lot of little boys were running around with balloon swords/light sabers having a ball. Byron was so smart and brought Connor's light saber (a recent purchase for Connor's super awesome amazing Halloween costume that's in the works) and Connor had a BALL joining in all the fun. According to my source, Connor was so excited and stood in line with Byron and was trying to peek into the store. Everything was going great until the moment of truth came. It was their turn to go into the room and meet the characters and Connor was scared. He doesn't even want us to mention Darth Vader or the Storm Trooper, he just wants to talk about R2 and Princess Leia.
True to form though, as soon as they left, Connor started crying to see R2 again. Hard to understand the concept of taking turns at this point in life we're discovering.
All in all, it sounds like it was an adventure.
Just as a side note, I find it so interesting that Connor is so enthralled by Star Wars right now or "R2 guys" as he calls it. His experience with Star Wars all stems from playing with Byron's old Star Wars toys at his parents home. We also own the various Star Wars sound tracks (a Byron Kubik contribution to the marriage) which Connor loves to listen to. His favorite right now is the "March of the Empire" theme song. He doesn't like to me to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" or anything along those lines, but he'll ask me to "sing" that song over and over. I hear him singing it to himself everywhere: at the park, in his room before napping, in the car, and the grocery store. Huh, go figure. This side of him definitely comes from his Dad.


Geoff and Janene said...

Way to go Connor! I'm sure that makes Byron very proud! Ben likes to sing the Darth Gador song. That's how he pronounces it. Although I love R2 Guys. That is so cute!

Tiff said...

I still have a picture of Byron eating my Darth Vader Birthday Cake. His lips and teeth were completely blue. I'll post that one on Facebook.

Jules said...

he and Easton would be best friends! somehow Easton is loving the star wars thing too--also from his daddy. so funny, so boy!