"Where a Kid Can Be a Kid"

Connor noticed a Chuck E Cheese commercial for the first time a few months ago. I think he recognized some of the games he had played with my Mom at a bowling alley on the commercial and thought it looked like a place he'd like to be! I knew Byron's Dad had mentioned taking Connor to Chuck E Cheese and so I told Connor that Mimi and Papa would probably like to take him the next time we went to visit. I should have known better. Connor wanted to go NOW and every day since we've had a conversation about going to Chuck E Cheese with Mimi and Papa. This past Friday the big event came. Bev and Theresa drove up from S. Carolina and took us all on our first magical trip to Chuck E Cheese. Connor was THRILLED as soon as we pulled up and was on the move for a good 2 and a half hours while we were there. Thanks for taking us Mimi and Papa, we all had a great time!
Connor's favorite "ride" was this Bob the Builder ride. Connor would get on and sing the theme song and then grab for another token when the ride was over.
Dad and Connor outside the entrance.

Connor played air hockey a few times with Byron, Theresa, and Bev. I was really surprised that he could hit the puck back and forth and learned how to trap it in the corner to get a better shot. He did however think it was cooler when someone scored on him because he got to pull the puck out from his goal.

Ski ball is always a hit.


Spencer + Missy said...

Too cute! Looks like he had the time of his life! After an evening at chucky cheese, our bean bag is nothin'! But he can still come over any time.... it's free!

Jill said...

Chuck E Cheese is the ultimate at our house as well. Cambri will do just about anything to get to go and Kate will follow suit. Love it!

Jules said...

oh the joy of kiddie advertising! how fun!

Tiff said...

Uh, yeah! Ski Ball is the best game ever! Sooo many good memories came back from reading this post.