Where Can a Kid Be a Kid?

Where else but Chuck E Cheese?!? Connor has come to associate a visit from the Grandparents with a sure fire trip to Chuck E Cheese. We went there on Friday and I was so happy for Connor. He was THRILLED the whole time we were there which was a good 3 hours. He ran from playing games, to coming and having a drink of pop and a bite of pizza, to applauding the Chuck E Cheese band, to repeating the process all over again. My Dad and Connor had a GREAT time together. I think my Dad found joy in being a kid too. :)

When Chuck E Cheese himself made his appearance Connor was in awe. He followed him around wherever he went and we even noticed Chuck E trying to lose Connor at one point. To bad for Mr. Chuck E Cheese, Connor was too smart for him and cut him off at the pass.

Thanks to Nana and Grandpa for another fun outing!


Kelsey and Dave said...

I can't tell who is having more fun...Connor or your dad!

Ash & Jon said...

He is such a treasure and a sweet, sweet little boy.

melissa said...

Harrison's dreams came true on Saturday when he got to go to "Chucky and Cheeses" with his BFF. He kept telling me it was the safest place for kids to play. Those ad dudes at Chuck E.'s sure know what they're doing.

p.s. Love the blessing pictures. You all look gorgeous!