today was Connor's first day of Preschool and it was so exciting!
he's been waiting for this day for a long time. he was asking about it way back in March and i told him when it was fall time, it'd be time to go to Preschool. today, when he woke up, he showed me out his window some of the leaves have started turning yellow. he was so excited to announce fall was here and even more excited to hear that yes, today is the day Preschool begins!
Connor wasn't in the picture taking mood this morning (bummer) so this was the best i could get while he was engrossed in the Backyardigans.
these are his new kicks for school. these were the ones Connor selected. pretty cool huh?

when Kylene and i dropped him off at his classroom, he didn't shed a tear and i left him playing with a boy and Lego's. below is his first project he completed with all the names of the children in his class. there are 12 children, 8 girls and 4 boys. they're in the Penguin class and their teachers are Miss Melanie and Miss Kelly.
i think this is going to be a great first year in Preschool.


Proud gamma said...

So cute, I hope he'll talk on the phone but I'm not holding my breath. We are so excited for him and his mom!

Mom said...

Dad and I have been excited for several days, knowing that today would be Connor's first day of pre-school. Thanks for today's post, which gives us a good picture of the experience. I think Connor's shoes are cool. Horay for Penguins!

Geoff and Janene said...

Those shoes are sweet! He looked like he had a blast. Ben starts tomorrow and is so excited to take his Star Wars backpack! If they only knew how long they are going to be going to school...years and years. :)