reptile expo...yikes

yesterday we went to the State Fair Grounds to visit the Reptile, Unusual and Exotic animal show. I'm not a reptile person in the least, but the other 3 members of my family were fascinated so i was able to keep my squeamishness at bay and enjoy watching them enjoy watching the animals. let me also just throw out there that the animals were not the only unusual and exotic thing there. Let your imagination take you away with that statement and you probably won't be far off the mark. :)
i think the thing that REALLY made it a great day for Connor was getting a bag of Cotton Candy early on in our excursion.
Kylene was fascinated by it all but wanted to be kept safe distance from everything. Both she and Connor touched an alligator...shivers.

all three of them loves the Wallaby. i don't consider myself an animal lover but it made me sad to see these really beautiful and rare animals in cages on a cement floor.

here's Connor at the "fossil dig".

i was very impressed by Connor that he let the Camel lick him. Connor says the Camel gave him a kiss. I did think the camels were really cool. we all also really enjoyed seeing the kittens and birds, they were really beautiful.

the aftermath of the eaten cotton candy was a cotton candy beard.
as we walked back to the car we enjoyed perusing the flea market outside the fair grounds. connor got to see some swords that even i have to admit were really amazing and he got to sit on a 4-wheeler which i think between the cotton candy and that, made his entire week. :)


Mom said...

What a special family day! Thanks for documenting it. Next time make sure you're included in at least one picture. :-)

Karin said...

You're so brave! Reptile houses make me feel like there are snakes and bugs all over me. Way to go with the cotton candy, though. :)

Ash & Jon said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic day! It seems that us moms are rarely in pictures...

Tiff said...

So sweet! Kylene is so big now! Such a beautiful girl.