Connor is having a GREAT time at preschool. i've been so pleased to see all the cool things they do every day and hear Connor tell me about the things he's learning about and excited about at school.
one day last week when Kylene and I came to pick him up, we saw all these posters outside the classroom. it was so fun to see what each child's answer was to the questions, and i thought Connor's were very sweet because each one meant something to me and had a story behind it.
most kids said things like, fireman, police man, bus driver, mermaid, princess. i don't think we even realize how proud Connor is to have the title of "Big Brother". he is a WONDERFUL big brother to Kylene.
these friends Connor talks a lot about and i'm sure the "Max" is supposed to be our friend "Mac".

the next day he came home with something all in green because that's his favorite color.
i was so surprised to see "Chapel Hill" listed. most everyone else said "my house", "my home", with my Mommy and Daddy (one girl did say New York which i thought we very chic of her). connor been interested in where people live and what the various places are called. too bad we actually live in Durham, but maybe we won't tell him since Chapel Hill is so much cooler.:)

i love the picture of our family. doesn't Connor looked so happy?
the teachers took this picture at the playgroup and i think it captures Connor during this time of his life perfectly.
he's growing up!


Dad said...

Kristi, what a treasure! He is so adorable and has always been very thoughtful. We are all so proud of him and the good parents who are raising him.

Mark and Jill Smallwood said...

Very cute!

Proud gamma said...

Don't you attend the Chapel Hill ward? Maybe he's smarter than we think--or is that possible? :)

I'm so happy that he is enjoying preschool. Its good to see that he wants to be a big brother since he's so good at it!

Ash & Jon said...

He is seriously the cutest kid ever!