15 Months

our little Kylene is so full of happiness and spunk!
at 15 mths she continues to be a petite little thing and weighs 19.73 lbs but is also pretty long at 30.5 inches. people always stop and watch her walk by and are amazed that such a little thing can be walking around so regally. :)
we discovered about 2 mths ago that Kylene loves double cheeseburgers from McDonald's. we order her one of her own now and she stands up in a chair at the table, and holds the burger herself and little by little, puts that hamburger down. we think she might follow in her Aunt Codi's footsteps and be a lover of red meat. :)
Kylene now claps her little hands together and starts "talking" whenever we say it's time for prayer. it's just about the cutest thing the 3 of us have ever seen.
she LOVES to play and be around other children and belly laughs at all the things Connor does to entertain her.
sometime she wakes up at 10 pm and we can't help but bring her out and snuggle with her on the couch while we watch TV. she gets so excited when we do this and likes to snuggle right in next to Byron and I and suck on her blankie.
Kylene has a few "words". she says "Daaa" for "Dad" "Dooo" is "Dog" "Baaa" is balloon, " Mama" is "Mommy" and "Ya" is "Yes". She's also started shaking her head emphatically back and forth to indicate "NO". :)
she loves to twirl and has started showing an opinion in what she wants to wear at times and seems to really enjoy wearing dresses.
we love our Kylenie Beanie.


Dancing Branflake said...

Her blue eyes are so stunning! So pretty, just like her mama.

Ash & Jon said...

Oh! What a sweetheart! I just can't believe how grownup and regal she is looking! I wish I could hold and squeeze her!

Codi said...

oh I am so proud of Kylene for eating a double cheeseburger! Next step....14 ounce steak! So excited to spend time with y'all this summer!! Love you and miss you!

Mom said...

Kylene is just as wonderful and beautiful as you think she is! What a darling girl with such a charming personality. I agree, she's a lot like her Mom.

Lucky to be the mom said...

It's so fun to "watch" your family! Both of my girls were tiny like that..actually a little smaller!
The kids are adorable! I love that they love each other so much!
Kisses to them both :)

Dad said...

She is soooo cute. I love her laugh and smile. Grandpa needs to come and see his little Kylene soon!