let's catch up

so i've been MIA for about a month. what have i been doing? making owls, lots and lots of owls.

so can we still be friends? here are a few pics of Connor and Kylene lately.

Connor brought a book to Kylene and said, "Do you want to read this Kylene?" She followed him into her room and turned around and sat herself down in his lap. He "read" to her and Byron and I tried to watch without breaking the spell.

Connor is so so so sweet with Kylene and he gets the biggest THRILL from making her laugh.

I think Connor must be a lot like my Dad, his Grandpa. Both seem to crack up the women in their lives. :)


boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

They are just precious!!!!!

Ash & Jon said...

so sweet! Kylene's hair is getting really long. It makes her look so much more grown up!

Mom said...

Oh, what a sweet moment. My heart melts just to think of how sweet Connor is with Kylene.