our boy is 4!

on Thursday, January 21, Connor officially turned 4 years old. However, due to yucky, icky sickness, we didn't even tell him it was his big day and postponed celebrating his birthday to the following week when he was his happy self again. Probably the last year we can tweek the circumstances to fit what life brings I bet. His preschool class celebrated his birthday on the 26th and Connor requested that I make cinnamon rolls to bring as his special birthday treat. I made them the night before and when Connor got up the next morning he said, "Mom, I smelled the cinnamon rolls last night. It sure smelled delicous!" I had exactly 12 big, beautiful flully rolls smothered in cream cheese frosting and multi colored sprinkles, and Kylene cried the whole morning begging for one. Two children didn't come to class that day, so Kylene had her happy moment in her carseat after we picked up Connor. It was worth cleaning up all the stickiness to see such happiness and satisfaction on that little face.
A few days latter we had a small birthday party for Connor and 6 little boys came for the fun. They were all so jolly and it cracked me up to hear them playing and all the excitement and laughter coming from Connor's room while pizzas were baking.
I found it so sweet and amusing to welcome each boy as he arrived to our home and see him drop to his knees, unwrap the gift for Connor and show it to him. Connor was totally thrilled with each gift presentation and said, "Oh, thanks!" to each person.
Our family has a very very favorite chocolate cake recipe and chocolate frosting recipe that I made for Connor's cake.

Kylene pretty much had the time of her life too.
There was lots of laughter around this table!
By the time we were done with cake and ice cream, our house was a total and complete disaster which was fine and expected, but we needed space to do the pinata. I went to each boy and asked them if they'd help just throw the toys into Connor's room really fast so we could do the pinata. Those eyes lit up and we were cleared out and boys were waiting on the couch ready to go in no time.
I'd say...the birthday boy ended up having a GREAT birthday. :)


Mom said...

Kristi, you did a great job of documenting Connor's fourth birthday. Wow, you made the celebration really special for him. I'm totally impressed with the cake! Well done!

Dad said...

WOW! Mom and I were in Cancumn when Connor was born because we all thought he would come while we were gone. He is such a cute boy and so sweet. I looks like it was quite the party! Once again, another memory maker. Great job!