Connor at Three

A snapshot of Connor on his third birthday:
Favorite Movie: Wall E
Favorite TV show: The Backyardigans
Favorite Books: Berenstein Bears and Richard Scary books
Shoe of Choice: Crocks
Favorite Foods: cheese, noodles, chocolate chip granola bars, apple fruit bars, apple juice, chocolate milk, grape tomatoes.
Favorite toys: Cars! Trucks! more CARS! more TRUCKS!
Favorite past times: Playing with friends! riding his bike, playing outside, watching TV, playing with toys
Can't live without: his two "B's" (blankies) and the smellier the better. I have to sneak one away at a time to wash it and then he's very unhappy with that one for awhile until it's nice and dirty again. Gross.
Favorite saying: "I say yep!" In response to us giving him a negative answer to something he wants.
Newly acquired skill: Dancing. I find him busting a move to music all over the place these days. At home, at the mall, at the grocery store, drugstore, you name the place, he's feeling the beat.
New found interest: Playing card games. We've made a few new games with cards we have at home and he LOVES it.
New Game: Locking his door from his car seat so I can't open the door to get him out, unlocking it to let me in, and then locking it again real fast before I can open the door. My Father, Husband, and now my son think this is hilarious. It must be a male thing.
Connor is very sweet and loving with his little sister.
We have adored him for three years now.


Jules said...

Happy birthday to Connor!! I can't believe he is three! Now the fun starts....! :)

Ash & Jon said...

That picture of Connor is darling! Your new camera is certainly paying high dividends I think! I love his "favorite saying." He is such a cutie. I can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!

Ash & Jon said...

P.S. you're averaging like one post every two days this month. You're amazing. :)

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Connor! You and Lilly have so much in common!

Geoff and Janene said...

I loved the "I say Yep!" I think I would laugh every time I heard that one. When I'd tell Ben no about something, he used to day, "I mean later today... or something to get me to say yes. Did you think I meant right now? No, I meant later. Aren't kids creative? :)