Happy Birthday to Me

Is what Connor was singing to himself yesterday, January 21, 2009. Connor turned 3 years old. Wow. He's seeming like a big boy to us. I think Connor had an ideal third birthday. Let me see if I can paint an accurate picture of the thrill of it all.
Tuesday night: Connor knew his birthday was close but didn't know it was the next day and we decided not to tell him. So after he went to bed Byron blew up about 30 balloons, I made his birthday cake and decorated the eating area and his chair with streamers and balloons. We wrapped his presents and set them out on the kitchen table along with some cards he'd received and his birthday cake.
Wednesday morning: Connor got up at 7:15 and walked out of room expecting his usual round of breakfast and cartoons. He was stunned at what he saw waiting for him. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it all. He spotted the cake right away and thought the balloons were really cool. When we pointed out there were presents waiting to be unwrapped he got right to business. He was thrilled to play with his new toys all morning. It turned out that Byron got to be home Wednesday too. He and Connor had a great time playing with tools, building train tracks and playing chase together.
Mid-morning: Connor asked if he could go to the "No No" store (Toys 'R Us. As to why he calls it the "No No" store is a story for another time.) He was thrilled when we said we could (that's not usually the answer) and told him he could bring the birthday money he had received in his cards. All four of us happily perused all the aisles and Connor made his selection, a car transporter truck with 4 cars. He was so proud to carry it to the check-out and pull his money out of his pocket to pay. While he was paying, he told the cashier it was his birthday and that he was three. The previously unenthused worker light up and told him to wait. She came back with a birthday crown and helium birthday balloon. As Connor walked out of the store carrying his new truck, wearing his birthday crown and holding onto his birthday balloon, other customers entering the store saw the decked out boy and shouted out birthday well wishes. He was bursting with pride. We ran through the Burger King drive-through and Byron got Connor a special birthday chocolate shake. I looked back at the birthday boy wearing his birthday crown, holding his birthday balloon and truck, sipping on his birthday shake, sitting in his regular car seat and cracked up when I noticed the crown had fallen down over his eyes, but he was still sucking on his shake and holding onto the balloon and truck. I could tell he was having a great day.

He was thrilled to play with his new toy and happily went down for a nap (aka. went into his room and kept playing with his new truck.)

That night we had a special birthday dinner of chicken alfredo which was exciting for a few minutes until he determined he wanted a different kind of noodle and the dinner was pretty much shot from there. Oh well, Byron and I enjoyed it. Because it was his birthday he got to have a Popsicle instead.
We had a family over for ice cream and cake and then went to bed a happy, happy kid.

It was another great, great day. Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!


Chelsea Monet said...

what a wonderful day! And I love the cake, Kristi!

The photo of Connor at the top of your blog is priceless.

Chelsea Monet said...

Kristi, I noticed that you have the "Dyeries" on your blog list. How do you know them? Dan Dyer is my cousin!

Mark and Jill Smallwood said...

oh, happy late birthday to Connor!

Ash & Jon said...

I'm so glad that Connor had such a great day! I LOVE all the pictures--the picture of the three of you is especially wonderful. You look fabulous! And another terrific birthday cake to you! Good job!

Spencer + Missy said...

That cake is awesome! It looks like he had a great 3rd birthday. You hair looks GREAT by the way ;)

Tiff said...

That is the sweetest story about the no no store. I love it!

Geoff and Janene said...

What a great day. Someday Connor will look back and say, "I have the greatest parents!" Your cake rocks. Happy Birthday Connor!