Pumpkin Bread

Does anyone else find themselves trying to come up with things to entertain a toddler at home? Connor LOVES to help me in the kitchen, which can be a bit stressful at times, but I try to let him work with me as much as he can. I know I learned a lot of what I know about cooking just by being in the kitchen with my Mom, so I'm hoping Connor will develop a love of cooking, baking, and develop a taste for all different types of things by working with me. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it's worth a shot.
Today we make Pumpkin bread from the Betty Crocker cook book. The recipe can be found here. Byron and Connor set out everything. It was great; I kind of felt like I was on a cooking show.

The batter,

ready to bake,

ready to eat.

I omitted the nuts and added chocolate chips. My good friend Janene puts raisins and chocolate chips in her pumpkin bread and it's scrumptious. I was bummed I was out of raisins because I had my mouth all watered up. I'll make sure I have raisins on hand next time for sure.


Ash & Jon said...

Cute picture of you and Connor, although its a little late for pumpkin bread don't you think. :)

Kristi said...

it's NEVER too late for pumpkin bread. :)

Handi Andi said...

I love pumpkin muffins. I have never tried pumpkin bread. It looks delicious. I'll have to try it out! You and Connor look so cute all ready to cook. Caden likes to help too. I always grit my teeth and get ready to pick out the egg shells.