Snow Day

Connor and Dad ready to go out and play.
The first thing Connor did outside was flop down and make a snow angel.

Their foot high snowman.
Making tracks
Completely covered.

Byron is the BEST at being creative in play with Connor. The "sled" is the top of a storage bin we have. Connor had a ball. Daddy was exhausted.

Thanks Byron for a great day. We love you.


Mark and Jill Smallwood said...

those pictures are absolutely to die for! So cute!!!

Ash & Jon said...

This is probably my favorite post you've ever made! The pictures are absolutely DARLING! I especially love the new picture you have at the top. Love it!

elizabeth said...

So fun! You have now had more snow that we have in PA! We've only had 3 inches. Great pictures of Connor.

Rachael said...

I love the picture of Conner making the snow angel! Rylee made one too, but I wish I could have caught her in action with the camera! How darling!

Handi Andi said...

Yeah! He got his snow! See, you aren't a liar after all. And you were so worried :-). Now you have snow angel pictures too. Heavenly Father knows the wishes of little boys hearts too! Great photog skills. Love the pictures. All of them!