8 months

last sunday Kylene hit her 8 month mark. has it really been that long? on the other hand, i don't think any of us can really remember what it was like without her. when i try to think about it, it just seems a little lonely.
she has brought so much JOY and LAUGHTER and HEART BURSTING HAPPINESS to our lives we don't quite know what to make of it. we thought life was pretty good before she came along, but sheesh! what a precious pearl we received in the form of Kylene.
*at 8 months Kylene is easily pulling herself up to standing while holding onto things and starting to slowly maneuver her feet to make her way around the coffee table, mainly to get to unsuspecting food that's been left there. we figured this out after discovering the cookie theft.
*speaking of food, Kylene loves baby prunes, pears, bananas and apple sauce. oatmeal is her cereal of choice mixed with apple juice please, and she can down a whole fruit bar, yes, a whole fruit bar. she easily picks up food and feeds it to herself now and can happily sit in her stroller and munch on graham crackers (another favorite). Kylene's never taken a bottle, but she's figured out the sippy cup all on her own and loves ice cold water the best during these hot summer days.
*2 weeks ago we discovered a new bottom tooth poking out and found it's neighbor yesterday. bless her heart, we had no idea she was even teething.
*she loves to be tickled and laughs like she's trying to hold it back but she just can't stand it anymore and it breaks through. hilarious.
*she's happy to cruise around the apartment entertaining herself but when she wants some attention she goes from room to room until she finds mom or dad, rocks back on her knees, and puts her arms up to be held. how can we resist?
*she's sporting a nice summer tan on her legs and arms which is most noticeable when she moves and one of her rolls opens up and there pure baby white in the crease. sweetness.
Kylene is very patient and seems very determined to keep at a task until she figures it out without frustration. maybe that's because she's figuring things out so quickly.
*what more can we say? we love our Kylenie Beanie.


Metta said...

I love that last picture of her! I see a lot of Connor in her sweet face! Thanks for the updates, Kristi... XOXO

Ash & Jon said...

Oh Kristi! She is sooo precious!

Geoff and Janene said...

So fun. She is adorable

Mom said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous eyes! Kylene is breathtaking. Thanks for the update on her eight-month mark. It makes me feel like I know her personality.

Jami & Boys said...

i know i'm completely in love!