back it up

i just ran across these pictures and realized i totally forgot to document our day to the beach while we were spending the week in S.C. with the Kubik's. come on girl, pull it together. :)
Kylene's first day at the beach was also her 7 month mark. even though she was tired, she really enjoyed exploring the sand and i finally gave up trying to keep her from eating it. i guess that's why we all know what sand and dirt taste like--we all tried it as babies.
here Kylene's hanging out with her beautiful and fun Aunt Codi.
Byron and I were so pleased to see Connor enjoying the beach and especially the ocean more this year. Byron brought out the boogie board and taught Connor how to catch some waves. i was amazed how Connor could hang on and ride a small wave all the way to the beach. he was THRILLED.
getting on the boogie...

waiting for a magnificent wave...

and he's off!
does that look like joy or what.

i'm so happy to have this picture of all the Kubik kids. this was the first time we've all been together for at least 2 years. aren't they all so good looking? {that makes me think of the "God Bless You" episode of Seinfeld. "You're sooooooooo good lookin'".
{left to right}
Byron, Codi, Jarom, Staci, Logan
we had such a great time at Mimi and Papa's {we always do}. can't wait for our next visit!


boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures. The one of "Kubik Five" is GREAT!!!!

Dan&Ali said...

Hi Kristi!! I saw your comment on my blog. Hehee, I should have clarified on the blog. Yep I am still pregnant, my due date is Aug 20th and Mikelle's is Aug. 30. So sometime in the next few weeks this little boy of mine should arrive. I will keep you posted when he comes. I will post pictures on my blog, and if I think of it I will send out an e-mail. Your little ones are sure cute!!!

Mom said...

I love the beach pictures. Also, I agree, all the Kubik kids are great looking. What a great photo for Theresa and Bev to enjoy.