happy 4th

we had such a great fourth! we went to the Carrboro parade and festival in the morning. we lucked out and got a parking spot and then ended up at the front of the parade and got to see the fire truck and police car sound its horns and sirens and kick off the event. the parade consisted of a bunch of families walking and riding their decorated bikes, wagons, scooter, etc as we all cheered and waved. the whole parade lasted about 10 min and i looked at Byron and said, "I don't know about you, but this is my kind of parade!" connor loved seeing all the kids riding their bikes and we told him we could decorate his bike next year and we'd walk in the parade. what a thrill that will be. :)connor was looking super cool in his shades and loved running through the bouncy house obstacle course, jumping in a bouncy house castle, riding bikes, pushing lawn mowers, painting, and playing in the sand box.

kylene spent a happy hour playing at the toddler time area. it was nice and shaded and she enjoyed seeing all the other babies and discovering all the different toys on the play mat.
we entered her in the baby crawl contest and laughed along with all the other parents trying to get their toddlers to crawl to their destination. kylene stayed on all fours and watched what everyone else was doing. i tried at one point to throw my sunglasses ahead of her to get her crawling and another little girl maneuvered towards them. it was a hoot.

we finished off our day at our ward picnic where connor ran hard for 2 hours playing with his friends, taking a short break to pack in some dinner and run off again. the weather was gorgeous and byron and i enjoyed socializing and kylene enjoyed being loved on by everyone around her.

i think the best decision we made was to end the day while we were all happy and go home before seeing fireworks. the kids zonked out immediately and byron and i enjoyed some quiet time together listening to the fireworks outside. in my book, that spells a near perfect day.


boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

Everyone looks SOOO happy. You have a precious family!

Ash & Jon said...

Looks like you had an amazing day! And, Kristi, you are a GORGEOUS mother! You just shine! I love your hat!

Geoff and Janene said...

That does sound like a perfect day. Over -tired kids aren't so fun. :) I love the 10 minute parade. So fun! You look beautiful.

Dad said...

What beautiful children you have. Connor looked super cool in his sunglasses upturned polo. Very GQ-ish. Kylene is so adorable. YOu must have laughed really hard to see her move backand forth on her knees without really moving. These are fun years for your family. Enjoy them all.

Handi Andi said...

That sounds like the best parade EVER. What a fun day. Your kids are getting so big!